• Rigid and Flex PCB 2 2
  • Rigid and Flex PCB 2 3
  • Rigid and Flex PCB 2 4


  • Multi-Layer Rigid & Flex + HDI
  • Air-Gap Structure
  • Fly Tail Structure
  • Book Structure

product information

After 16 good years of providing effective solutions, good support and super quality PCB to our customers  globally with passion and great enthusiasm, we have established  Trace-Tec Vietnam Co Ltd since Apr 2016. It was time for us to form up the best group on PCB servicing customer globally and specially Viet Nam which is emerging electronic market of South East Asia Region


Under Vital-Links Technology Singapore (HQ) Company established in Jul 2000, we are proud of our company setup and are confident to extend our continuous support to all our potential customer in electronics manufacturing industries.


With the resources of a strong network and the expertise of our team members, Trace-Tec can provide you with a unique one stop solution to all your printed circuit boards needs.

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