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TRACE – TEC VIETNAM CO., LTD founded in 2016, is now one of the national leaders in Electronic filed which strongly focus on design house, PCB bare board, OEM/ODM, electronic component distribution. With passion and great enthusiasm, we form up with young team members, we work with warm hearts pursuing perfection & result-oriented so that bring satisfactory to our esteem customers. With the resources of a strong network and the expertise of our team members, Trace-Tec can provide you with a unique one stop solution to all your needs in term of electronic requirements.

Over the years of growth and development, we believe that intellectual capital is critical to providing first-rate products and innovative solutions. Our people, our most valuable asset, are equipped not only with profound knowledge and comprehensive experiences but also passionate and creative thinking.​


  • Increasing annual revenue sales by existing customers, along with strengthening the relationship with new and potential customers.
  • Developing our human resources and high-quality training programmer


  • Launching ERP system whose copyright is owned by Trace-Tec Co., LTD, and VietES Co., LTD.
  • Increasing business scale including product categories and business locations by opening more domestic and overseas branches.


  • Achieving ISO 1:9000 and other certifications of domestic and exported products.
  • Upgrading 2 websites http://trace-tec.vn and http://vietes.vn to run the marketing campaign for the companies and our products.

Trace-tec timeline



Representing a PCB factory in Vietnam.


Established Trace-Tec Vietnam Co., Ltd. and developed and sold PCBs to customers under Vietnamese legal entities, providing D2D services.


Provide more electronic components and PCB/PCBA


Strongly develop in electronic production, turnkey production, OEM, box build, and the full set of PCBA for small and medium customers


A successful year in terms of sales, as well as personnel growth, full departmental team. Finished construction of a new office building, convenient for working and meeting partners


Our team

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Our the best partners

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